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    “A World Health Organization panel is convening Monday to discuss the ethics of using experimental medicine to fight the Ebola outbreak in West Africa. Since its onset this year, the virus is believed to have infected 1,779 people and killed 961, according to WHO's latest figures. Their conditions are said to be improving. ZMapp is also being given to Miguel Pajares, a Spanish priest infected with Ebola while working in Liberia, Spain's Ministry of Heath announced Saturday. The drug was sent from Geneva, Switzerland, to Madrid, where Pajares is being treated in a special isolation unit at Hospital Carlos III.
    The patients' treatment has raised questions about the use of unproven and unlicensed drugs to treat Ebola and why these three have received the serum when so many others in West Africa also have the virus. Medical ethicists, scientific experts and lay people from the countries affected by the Ebola outbreak will discuss the use of unlicensed medicines to combat the virus during the WHO teleconference Monday. The panel will look at issues including whether it is ethical to use "unregistered interventions with unknown adverse effects," and, if so, who should receive them. The WHO last week declared the Ebola outbreak a "public health emergency of international concern." Since an Ebola epidemic was declared in Guinea in March, the disease has spread to Sierra Leone, Liberia and Nigeria. On Sunday, Ivory Coast banned flights to and from those countries affected by Ebola. Emirates this month become the first major international airline to suspend flights from Guinea, followed by pan-African airline ASKY and smaller regional carrier Arik Air. British Airways stopped its flights to Sierra Leone and Liberia last Tuesday, because of the "deteriorating public health situation."
    The Ebola virus causes hemorrhagic fever that affects multiple organ systems in the body. It can kill up to 90% of those infected. Early symptoms include weakness, muscle pain, headaches and a sore throat. They later progress to vomiting, diarrhea, impaired kidney and liver function -- and sometimes internal and external bleeding. Ebola spreads through contact with organs and bodily fluids such as blood, saliva, urine and other secretions of infected people. The most common treatment requires supporting organ functions and maintaining bodily fluids such as blood and water long enough for the body to fight off the infection.

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De acordo com o texto acima, o painel convocado pela Organização Mundial de Saúde tem por objetivo discutir sobre
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Banca: CESPE Prova: Analista Administrativo Ano: 2006
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All that Japanese and Korean peoples request in cellular telephony are images, video and sound.
This text refers to items from 16 through 25.

1           Japan and Korea are outstanding markets in terms
of the world's advances in cellular telephony, where
multimedia applications have surged into feverish
4 popularity. Users in these countries have demanded
 velocity and high quality data transmission - such as
 images, videos and sounds - as the principal distinctive
 7 features for the cellular telephone. Although the industry in
 Brazil is not yet experiencing the same phase as in the
 Asian countries, innovative third generation services,
 10 aligned with world-class technology, are already present,
 with data transmission speeds of up to 2.4 Mbps.
             In fact, in some cases, Brazil has held multimedia
 13 application launches simultaneously with the United States,
 tremendously increasing the economic and digital inclusion
 that cellular telephony has fomented in recent years. The
 16 heavy impact of mobile communication on Brazilian
 society can be measured by the expansion of the customer
 base, which has been growing at historic rates of 30% a
 19 year and now serves over 50 million customers. In other
 words, four out of every ten Brazilians have a cellular
 22          The importance of mobile telephony has already
 surpassed that of the traditional fixed telephone system,
 because the cell phone actually fulfills the function of
 25 taking communication to all levels of the population. Its
 widespread network has opened gateways to regions that
 formerly had not been benefited by the implementation of
 28 a fixed telephone system, such as, for example, many rural
 areas that are now mobile telephone customers.
              The responsibility that cellular telephony carries
 31 as an instrument for transforming people's lives tends to
 increase enormously in the short term. In Brazil, third
 generation CDMA 3G EVDO service is already offered and
 34 is able to provide handheld resources, similar to CD, DVD
 and TV, anywhere and at any time, based on Qualcomm's
 cutting edge CDMA technology.
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 Based on the text above, judge the following items.

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Banca: TJ-SC Prova: Analista Administrativo Ano: 2009
Disciplina: Administração Geral Assunto: Organizações, Sistemas e Métodos ,
O estabelecimento de prioridades é uma das principais causas de desperdício de tempo no ambiente de trabalho.
Questão: 347205
Banca: IBFC Prova: Analista Administrativo Ano: 2015
Disciplina: Direito Sanitário Assunto: Portarias do Ministério da Saúde ,
O número máximo de equipes de Saúde da Família, com ou sem os profissionais de saúde bucal, pelas quais o município e o Distrito Federal podem fazer jus ao recebimento de recursos fnanceiros específicos será calculado pela fórmula:
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Banca: CETRO Prova: Analista Administrativo Ano: 2013
Disciplina: Pedagogia Assunto: Geral ,
A chave, tanto para a reorganização do conhecimento escolar em currículo, quanto para o próprio desenvolvimento deste, é a clareza quanto ao papel da aquisição de competências e habilidades na formação do cidadão. Nessa perspectiva, é correto afirmar que as competências e habilidades

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Assinale a alternativa correta. A Avaliação de Desempenho de um funcionário é a identificação, mensuração e administração do desempenho humano nas organizações. Aquele método em que se apoia em entrevistas denomina-se: 
Questão: 149871
Banca: TJ-SC Prova: Analista Administrativo Ano: 2009
Disciplina: Administração Geral Assunto: Departamentalização ,
O estabelecimento de prioridades é uma das principais causas de desperdício de tempo no ambiente de trabalho.
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As contas que formam o Patrimônio Líquido, e que são evidenciadas na Demonstração das Mutações do Patrimônio Líquido, podem sofrer variações por itens que afetam o patrimônio total e por itens que não afetam o patrimônio total.

Em relação a estes itens, assinale a afirmativa correta.

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Banca: FGV Prova: Analista Administrativo Ano: 2010
Disciplina: Gestão de Pessoas Assunto: Mudança organizacional ,
As alternativas a seguir apresentam fatores críticos para as mudanças organizacionais contemporâneas, à exceção de uma. Assinale-a.
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Banca: VUNESP Prova: Analista Administrativo Ano: 2013
Leia a tirinha para responder às questões de números 12 e 13.Considere as falas do terceiro quadrinho. … sabíamos respeitar os mais velhos! / E quando eles falavam nós calávamos a boca! Alterando apenas o tempo dos verbos destacados para o tempo presente, sem qualquer outro ajuste, tem-se, de acordo com a norma-padrão da língua portuguesa: